Volume 7 - Number 2 - 2021-12 - Journal of Research on Archaeometry
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XML Detection of the Material and Processing Technology of the Discovered Bowl in Chalade’em Shal Cemetrery of Khalkhal-Ardabil, NW Iran
Ahad Samadi *, Farzad Habibi Azarivash, Somayeh Nouri, Neshat Mottaghi, Fardin Eyni
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XML Identification and Comparison between Non-Woody Plant Fibers (Flax, Hemp, Kenaf And Cotton) with Manuscript Paper Fibers of The 5th, 7th to 12th Centuries AH, Belonging to the Malek National Library and Museum
Mehrnaz Azadi Boyaghchi *, Kambiz Pourtahmasi, Maryam Afsharpour, Samad Nejad Ebrahimi
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XML A New Method for Measuring Permeability and the Insulation Property of Earthen Materials Against Moisture and Rainfall in Archaeological Sites and Monuments
Masoud Bater *, Hossein Ahmadi, Jahangir Abedi Koupai ‎
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XML Topographic Surveys in the Archaeological Site of Dehno
Kourosh Mohammadkhani *, Samaneh Nazif
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Architectural and Structural Analysis of Special Karbandis of Tabriz Historical Bazaar
Sharzad Ainechi *, Nima Valibeig
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XML Elemental Composition and Statistical Analysis of Obsidians from Tole Khari in Pasargad Complex Using Micro-PIXE Technique
Davoud Agha-Aligol, Fatemeh Farshi Jalali *, Alireza Sardari, Mahmoud Moradi
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XML Technical Study of Chemical Compounds in the Glaze of The Mosaic Tiles in the Green Dome of Kerman (Qobeh Sabz)
Vahideh Rahimimehr *
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XML Introducing the Non-Destructive Method of Photogrammetry in the Study and Servey of Historical Monuments
Farzaneh Rahimi Jafari, Fatemeh Habibi, Sajad Moazen *
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XML A Review of Biodeterioration in Iranian Historical Monuments with Emphasis on Porous Architectural Materials
Mehdi Zabihi, Mohammad Sohrabi *, Mohammad Hassan Talebian, Abdolmajid Nortaghani
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XML Radiocarbon Calibration and Stratigraphic Analysis in Archeology: Using the OxCal Program
Sahar Yazdani *, Nasir Eskandari
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XML Investigation of Two-Dimensional Geometric Patterns of Knot Arangements and other Cryptographic Methods on the Surfaces of Ancient Tiles (Kashis) and its Adaptation to Three-Dimensional Arrangement of Atoms in Crystalline Solids
Mehdi Alavi *
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XML Book Review: Archaeology of Central Asia
Javad Hoseinzadeh Sadati *
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