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Useful Links


American Association of Museums

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

Lunder Conservation Center Smithsonian American Art Museum

National Archives Preservation

New England Conservation Association

Canadian Conservation Institute

Online CCI Notes

New York Regional Association for Conservation

EPiC (Emerging Professionals in Conservation)

English Heritage English Heritage online resources

Regional Alliance for Preservation
(Association of regional conservation centers)

Getty Conservation Institute

Hertiage Preservation
Heritage Preservation: The National Institute for Conservation

Society of American Archivists (SAA)
The American Archivist: Library, archival, time-based media conservation

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

Intermuseum Conservation Association

International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Western Association for Art Conservation

International Council of Museums-Committee for Conservation

The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art

Washington Conservation Guild

T R A I N I N G  & G R A D U A T E  P R O G R A M S

Buffalo State University of New York: Art Conservation
MA in Art Conservation and CAS in Art Conservation

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation
MS in Historic Preservation

Harvard University Art Museums Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies Training Program Advanced-Level Training Program Fellowships

Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art
Conservation (WUDPAC) MS in Art Conservation

New York University, Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts
MA in Art History and Advanced Certificate in Conservation

Northwestern State University of Louisiana, National Center for Preservation Technology & Training (NCPTT) Training courses in preservation, conservation, and interpretation of cultural resources

L I T E R A T U R E  &  R E S E A R C H

AATA Online
Abstracts of international conservation literature

Adhesives and Consolidants for Conservation: Research and Applications Symposium 2011
CCI Conference on Adhesives

Queen’s University, Department of Art, Art Conservation Masters of Art Conservation

Art Materials Information and Education Network

Ryerson University
Preservation and collections management program

UCLA/Getty Program in Archaeological and
Ethnographic Conservation MA in Art Conservation

Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network

Conservation & Art Material Encyclopedia Online

University of Arizona/Arizona State Museum Heritage Conservation Science Doctoral Program

University of Arizona Heritage Conservation Program Graduate Certificate in Heritage Conservation article&id=370&Itemid=173

Conserve O Gram National Parks Service s_toc.html

Conservation OnLine

University of Gothenberg, Sweden PhD Education_Programmes/Conservation/

University of Delaware, Center for Historic Architecture and Design (CHAD) MA in Historic Preservation

University of Delaware, Preservation Studies Doctoral Program PhD in Preservation Studies

The IRUG Database: A Collaborative FTIR Library
A Product of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group

Museum SOS
A Comprehensive Resource for Museum Disaster Preparedness and Response

Pigments through the Ages History of pigments with some technical info

Preservation of Plastic ARTefacts in museum collections

Western Association for Art Conservation Newsletter

Site on Cold Storage: A Long-term Preservation Strategy for Film-Based Photographic Materials
National Park Service rage.swf

J O U R N A L S  &  N E W S L E T T E R S

Ancient glass making J. Paul Getty Museum newsletter062

The Art Newspaper

Conservation, exposition, restauration d’objets d’art

e-conservation magazine

Ancient mosaics and their conservation J. Paul Getty Museum newsletter062

Cézanne Pissarro: Seeing Through Paint Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) onservation.html

e_Preservation Science
Scientific Research for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Getty Conservation Institute Newsletters Conservation Perspectives: The GCI Newsletter

In situ Electronic magazine of the Department of Conservation- Restoration Art Academy in Split, Croatia (website is in Croatian, use Google translate)

Journal of Conservation & Museum Studies

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (JAIC)

Colors of Clay
J. Paul Getty Museum ml

Conserving the Past for the Future exhibition Cleveland Museum of Art Ethics ml

Giotto, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua
History and conservation of the mural paintings

Investigation of physical history of a Renaissance cabinet J. Paul Getty Museum

International Journal for the Preservation of Library and Archival Material international-journal-for-the-preservation-of-library-and- archival-material

Tate Papers
Online Research Publication of the Tate Museums

V&A Conservation Journal Online

Jackson Pollock: “No Chaos, Damn It” An interview with
Jim Coddington, Chief Conservator
Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Limestone Sculpture Provenance Project The International Center of Medieval Art

Millais’s Ophelia 1851-52 – Work in Focus Tate

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Conservation projects

Inside Installations: Preservation and Presentation of Installation Art

Picasso, Demoiselles d’Avignon: fabrication, technical study, conservation
Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Recapturing the Image: construction and materials of
Andrea di Bartolo, Madonna and Child Princeton University Art Museum

Longevity of Electronic Art by H. Besser
Paper delivered at International Cultural Heritage
Informatics Conference. 2001 longevity.html

Matters in Media Art: Collaborating Towards the Care of Time-based Media Works of Art

The Sargent Murals at the Boston Public Library: History, Interpretation, Restoration

Scientific examination of earliest photograph Getty Conservation Institute

Variable Media Network

Preserving the Immaterial: A Conference on Variable Media x.html

Echoes of Art: Emulation As a Preservation Strategy

Sebastiano Mainardi: The Science of Art Indianapolis Museum of Art

Tate Museums Conservation

H E A L T H  &  S A F E T Y

Health and Safety Bibliographic Resources and Resource
Guides in Art Conservation CoOL (Conservation Online)

Unveiling Monet
Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Health and Safety Guidelines and Publications

Videos: Making Art series & Conservation series J. Paul Getty Museum

Nitrile gloves ata%20Sheets/K2365_09_01_SN_Chem_Guide_v11.pdf

T I M E –  B A S E D  M E D I A

DOCAM: Documentation and Conservation of Media Arts Heritage

Electronic Arts Intermix
Resource Guide for Exhibiting, Collecting & Preserving Media Art

Right to know

F U N D I N G                                        

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Getty Foundation

Image Permanence Institute
IPI Media Storage Quick Reference:

Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP)

IMLS and grant funding

National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Humanities

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation

S T A N D A R D S  O R G A N I Z A T I O N S

American Association for Information and Image Management

American National Standards Institute

American Society for Testing and Materials

National Information Standards Organization

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